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Retractable Barriers is the world’s leading crowd control barrier and queue management solution. This barrier is the ideal choice for those who wish to control crowds and flow at busy events such as awards ceremonies, exhibitions, nightclubs, concerts, shows, fairs, ticket areas, conferences and corporate events. Retractable Barriers can also be used or to rope off specific areas within a multitude of events, such as a VIP section or private party room.

Retractable Barriers hire is the safest and most functional option if you wish to organise crowds in a reliable and efficient manner and avoid high concentrations of people, which could prove unsafe and appear unprofessional.

Creating the real VIP experience? Choose the black retractable barriers with black strap. Ideal for VIP events.

Retractable Barriers
Quantity Price
0-24 £8.99
25-49 £8.69
50-99 £8.29
100+ £7.89
Sign Holders £12.00
Black Post & Strap (Any quantity) £13.75


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Tensa Barrier

The Right Choice for your event..

The Right Choice for your event..

Our Retractable Barriers stand at a height of 91cm, with heavy duty retractable straps that extend up to two metres and link to the adjoining post in a neat and attractive style.

Our barriers can be configured in a number of ways and tailor made to any location – whatever the size or shape and however large the crowd. Their firm and sturdy construction makes them easy to move from place to place and very simple to set up. You could even move them during an event should you wish to adapt your crowd control strategy or deal with unexpected crowd situations.

Each post on the Retractable Barriers can be attached to up to three other posts via a retractable belt. These barriers are made from chrome with a stylish finish for a slick yet unobtrusive look. Barriers are designed with a wide, weighted base to ensure that they are safe, sturdy and difficult to tip over, this is ideal for crowd control.

We are one of the leading furniture and catering hire specialists in the UK and pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products. Retractable Barrierss are available for hire from just £6.99 each, making us one of the most competitively priced barrier hire companies on the market today.

Retractable Barriers have been used worldwide for over twenty years and set the standard with its design and innovation. Flexible, versatile, safe, sturdy and attractive, Retractable Barriers are the perfect solution to your crowd control issues. We also offer rope and post barriers and crowd control barriers for your event, as well as retractable barrier sign holders, the latter of which is an extremely useful accessory. These will help event organisers to have more time to focus on making their event a success.

Tensa Barrier

Fantastic service at a fantastic price..

Fantastic service at a fantastic price..

As a cost-effective hire service, we do not tie you down to a minimum order. This means that you can order as many or as few barriers as you need and keep your outgoings to a minimum.

We cover events across London and the South East and our experienced staff are able to deliver Retractable Barriers to your event venue for a minimal fee. We even deliver on evenings, weekends and bank holidays always with a reliable, safe and efficient service. Should you wish, you can choose to utilize our self-collect option, which gives you the flexibility to pick up your barriers at our North London warehouse (open 7 days a week).

Please contact us today for more information on barrier hire. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be delighted to discuss your requirements and offer you a tailor made quote. Our barriers are available for short or long term hire to suit your needs. We look forward to offering you peace of mind and an impeccable service with the greatest quality barriers for your private hire.

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We offer every kind of barrier imaginable. Our outdoor barriers include crowd control, metal fence and chapter 8 barriers. Our indoor barriers feature rope and post and Retractable Barriers. So whether you are hosting a glamourous event and want to channel your guests through a certain area, or you are a manager on a building site and you want to make a public area safe, we have exactly what you need.

In more detail, our crowd control barriers are typically used to keep people off the road and away from performers, and when linked together are even sturdier. If you have a building site we recommend our metal fence barriers which can stop people wandering onto sites or cordon off large outdoor events. The chapter 8 barriers we provide are brightly coloured so they are perfect at roadworks as they warn the public. As for indoor events, you can use our Retractable Barriers to control the flow of your guests or to funnel them into a queuing pattern. Or add our rope and post barriers to your event to create an air of prestige.

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