Chapter 8 Barrier

Building sites use our Chapter 8 Barriers

The chapter 8 barrier is a versatile barrier which can be used across construction sites, road sides or by builders working on someone's property to cordon off areas of work.

These plastic chapter 8 barriers are 2 metres long and 1 metre high. Although lightweight these barriers are robust and stand firmly on the weighted rubber feet.

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Chapter 8 Barrier Product
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Chapter 8 Barrier

The main uses of chapter 8 barriers..

The main uses of chapter 8 barriers..

Chapter 8 barriers are the ideal solution for sectioning off an area that is either a hazard to public or is currently under construction. The wide reflective strip on the top of the barrier acts as an indicator to pedestrians, drivers and cyclists that the area is off bounds. This is particularly useful at night when visibility is poor, the reflective strip can be seen from a distant to avoid any serious accidents or injury.

The hard wearing chapter 8 barriers are easy to transport as they can stacked flat or side by side. This makes it easy to get the barriers to and from your place of work. The barriers are easy to setup as they simply stand next to each other and have a unique clip system allowing you to connect the barriers together when necessary. This is extremely important as a safety procedure to ensure the barriers do not get knocked over easily.

Hiring chapter 8 barriers couldn't be easier. They are available for a 3 day hire for just £14.99. Please speak to a member of our sales team if you require them for longer.

Chapter 8 Barrier

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction..

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction..

Not only are we confident that we offer the most competitive prices in London and the South East. We also have a dedicated team of experts who will be with you every part of the way during the hiring process to ensure your experience with Barrier Hire London is second to none.

With our products you will not be disappointed. Our chapter 8 barriers are compliant with UK regulations ensuring you are using only the best quality barriers for your own and the public's safety.

If at any point of the hire process you have any questions you can contact our highly trained team or visit our North London warehouse 7 days a week. We offer delivery and collection any day of the week so you can pick a time that suits your requirements. With Barrier Hire London your needs come first.

For more information on chapter 8 barriers or to place an order please call a member of our sales team on 0203 141 7749.

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We offer every kind of barrier imaginable. Our outdoor barriers include crowd control, metal fence and chapter 8 barriers. Our indoor barriers feature rope and post and Tensa (retractable barriers). So whether you are hosting a glamourous event and want to channel your guests through a certain area, or you are a manager on a building site and you want to make a public area safe, we have exactly what you need.

In more detail, our crowd control barriers are typically used to keep people off the road and away from performers, and when linked together are even sturdier. If you have a building site we recommend our metal fence barriers which can stop people wandering onto sites or cordon off large outdoor events. The chapter 8 barriers we provide are brightly coloured so they are perfect at roadworks as they warn the public. As for indoor events, you can use our Tensa barriers to control the flow of your guests or to funnel them into a queuing pattern. Or add our rope and post barriers to your event to create an air of prestige.

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