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Crowd control barriers are the ideal solution for those who wish to prevent unwanted parties from entering a particular area or guide pedestrians along a specific route. This can include anything from a private road, a private party, a street festival or a private property.

These barriers are a popular solution for managing a large number of people at outdoor events, such as barbecues, funfairs or even sports days. They can help to guarantee and maintain safety and peace of mind for hosts by preventing people from wandering out into the road and keeping orderly queues formed upon entering events. They can also be used to fence in spectators at venues such as music festivals in order to minimise the risk of overcrowding or crowd surges.

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Crowd Control Barrier

The advantages of hiring crowd control barriers...

The advantages of hiring crowd control barriers...

Crowd control barriers guarantee a very high level of crowd safety and have been operating for many years in locations worldwide. Made from galvanised steel, the interlocking barriers have set the industry standard for quality, dependability and innovation. Each barrier stands at one metre high and has a width of 2.3 metres. The interlocking feature and their sturdy construction helps to further guarantee safety and security. A natural and fluid design makes the barriers easy to set up and to link together, while the units are durable and firm to the ground with a wide base, avoiding the risk of pedestrians tripping over the barriers or the barriers themselves falling over.

The crowd control barriers are also used on building sites to help keep pedestrians safe and away from hazardous areas. Steel crowd control barriers have been created to deliver top quality performance and excellent levels of protection – they have been chosen by customers worldwide for a multitude of events for their excellent properties.

Each crowd control barrier is available to hire for three full days for a competitive price of just £5.99. We also offer Tensa barriers and rope and post barriers, as well as retractable barrier sign holders. We pride ourselves on offering top quality traffic control products at customer friendly prices.

Crowd Control Barrier

Our service is reliable...

Our service is reliable...

We can deliver the barriers to your event or you can choose to pick them up from our warehouse, which is located in North London and open 7 days a week. The barriers are easy to transport and, when stacked, take up hardly any space which is ideal should you wish to hire them long term and keep them in storage in between events.

We cover events across London and the South East - our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be delighted to discuss your requirements and offer you a tailor-made quote. We will take into account a diverse range of aspects, including the size of your event area, the number of people expected to attend and even crowd demographics, to ensure that you will be best prepared against any potential hazard. Our products meet the highest industry standards and will help to minimise stress and maintain control at any event, however large the crowd.

We are pleased to offer our customers the ultimate in safety and security and to have a wealth of satisfied customers who have already chosen to hire with us. We also enjoy a high rate of repeat business. Our barriers are available for short or long term hire to suit your needs and in bulk or individual lots. We look forward to offering you peace of mind and an impeccable service with the greatest quality barriers for your private hire.

Please contact us today for more information on barrier hire and how we can help to make your event run more smoothly.

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We offer every kind of barrier imaginable. Our outdoor barriers include crowd control, metal fence and chapter 8 barriers. Our indoor barriers feature rope and post and Tensa (retractable barriers). So whether you are hosting a glamourous event and want to channel your guests through a certain area, or you are a manager on a building site and you want to make a public area safe, we have exactly what you need.

In more detail, our crowd control barriers are typically used to keep people off the road and away from performers, and when linked together are even sturdier. If you have a building site we recommend our metal fence barriers which can stop people wandering onto sites or cordon off large outdoor events. The chapter 8 barriers we provide are brightly coloured so they are perfect at roadworks as they warn the public. As for indoor events, you can use our Tensa barriers to control the flow of your guests or to funnel them into a queuing pattern. Or add our rope and post barriers to your event to create an air of prestige.

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